This program is staffed by Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit (IU5). The IU5 supports the students’ involvement in the Cambridge Springs culture by utilizing a Teacher of the Deaf and EIPA (Educational Interpreter Proficiency Assessment) Certified Interpreters. The staff are well versed in multiple Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s) to adapt to the student’s individual needs. The Deaf Culture at school is supplemented by monthly outings with other Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in the tri-county area. These trips are set up and funded by the Erie County Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (or ECCDHH). These trips enrich the students experience with Deaf culture, and allows them to hang out with other students like them, that use ASL as one of their languages. Cambridge Springs has become a HUB for a number of Deaf students who come to get the best of both hearing and Deaf Cultures.


Kathleen BroadbentTeacher of the Deaf




Sarah VeithEducational Interpreter IU5


Catrina SinnsEducational Interpreter IU5


Dominic RiosEducational Interpreter IU5