AboutNational History Day is an activity in which students choose a subject from any point in history and create a project out of it over a long period of time. Students will be given a topic (Ex: Breaking Barriers in History) to center their project around. Students are able to choose any subject in history as long as they can find a way to tie it all back to that center theme. Participants will learn how to conduct research at an advanced level and how to present their project to others. Students may work in pairs or groups to create a project and form strong bonds with their fellow History Day members. History Day is also a good way to hone a students skills and give them a head-start on their classmates. Students work on a project (paper, exhibit, performance, documentary, website) alone, or in a group and later go to compete at the Regional, State, and even National level.

History Day members must be hard working, determined, and creative but anyone is welcome to join the History Day Family!

Mr. John Werkmeister




Ms. Sarah Thompson