Dress Code and Cell Phone Policy

Dress Code

While student dress is to a degree a matter of personal expression and choice, Cambridge Springs High School strives to promote a businesslike atmosphere and encourages all to “dress for success”.  Commonly accepted workplace standards will be the guideline for dress and appearance.  The following are not appropriate attire for wear during the school day and other school sponsored activities unless otherwise specified:

Piercings, tattoos, or clothing that are distracting, offensive or interfere with the educational process

Spaghetti straps or strapless tops (a minimum of a 2” strap on sleeveless fashion clothing is permitted, if the apparel is not otherwise revealing

No halter tops or halter top dresses

Wide mesh shirts (unless over a solid shirt)Excessively torn or frayed in a manner that is inconsistent with the dress code, or unlaundered clothing, clothing with vulgar or inappropriate language, double meanings, or sexual references

Clothing and/or masks with graphics or sayings that allude to drug, alcohol, gang related, or tobacco subject matter (including racing/NASCAR or other clothing which includes such graphics or saying with double meanings)

Hats, headbands, bandanas

Shorts and skirts shorter than fingertip length

Spandex pants or tops, or “tights” (unless worn under other garments that adhere to the dress code)

Bare midriffs, low-cut tops exposing cleavage

Otherwise revealing ill-fitting or skintight clothing

Pants or shorts with writing on the backside


Footwear without a sole

Pajama pants (with or without pockets)

Face makeup, hair coloring, and general appearance should be in accordance with cultural and community standards, and must not attract undue attention, cause a disruption in the classroom, or be considered to be potentially harmful to young impressionable students.

Students who are not in compliance with the dress code will be asked to remedy the situation.  This may result in a phone call to parents, or the student may be provided clothing from the nurse, gym, or office.  Students may also be required to tighten loose fitting pants.  Dress code offenses may result in disciplinary actions. 


Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phones - Students are permitted to have cell phones in school if they have a school related reason for possessing the cell phone. Teachers will direct the student to the office to surrender their cell phone if they are using it inappropriately.  Failure to surrender the cell phone to an administrator will result in disciplinary action for insubordination.  Any student found violating the cell phone usage policy will have the cell phone confiscated and returned to the student at the end of the school day on the first offense; to a parent/guardian on the second and subsequent offenses; receive detention on the third and subsequent offenses.  Repeat offenders will not be permitted to bring cell phones to school